How Do Business Owners Benefit?

Contain costs while offering generous benefits on a par with Platinum level traditional insurance plans

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Average savings in Year One


Targeted average increase in cost for renewals


Actuarial value of our recommended plan design


Dedicated account manager so your HR doesn’t get bogged down when someone needs help navigating the healthcare complex

You Can Write Your Own Ticket

At Doctor Delivery, we’re proud to empower employers to choose and implement the plan design that best suits their corporate culture. It’s wishful thinking to assume traditional carriers can offer the level of innovation and response we give you. Not only are Doctor Delivery programs flexible, but they offer opportunities for employers and employees when on-site clinics are part of the arrangement.

Win the battle for talent by setting your company apart with Doctor Delivery

Get your arrangement and
effective recommendations now

Ready To Switch To Doctor Delivery?

If you have 10 or more enrolled employees, let’s talk. Book a consultation and one of our team members will review your current package and give you an estimate of how much you can potentially save by opting for Doctor Delivery. Additionally, we’ll review possible plan designs, suggest a targeted start date, and answer whatever questions you have. Once we meet with you, we’ll typically provide a quote in seven to ten days.