Add Diverse Member Groups In A Single Transaction

We handle everything. You focus on medicine.

Let Doctor Delivery bundle memberships for local employers.

Complies with the Affordable Care Act

No more acrobatics to piece together disparate vendors who can comprehensively take care of your members

We handle all administration

You get paid direct for all memberships

Regulated product

Employer offers regulated health plan backed by AM Best A- or better so your patients are covered when they need specialized care or are hospitalized

Leverage community leaders

Community leaders are already part of your patient panel. Offer your C-level clients DPC for their company that includes full spectrum health insurance coverage

Comprehensive coverage and complete DPC-coordinated care

Doctor Delivery built an ACA-compliant comprehensive health insurance plan that embeds DPC and covers specialists, diagnostics, and hospitalization. You won’t have to explain what healthshare is or how it works with DPC. Nor will you need to inform employers that they still need to buy health insurance to cover services outside of your practice. Our program is a one-stop shop with comprehensive coverage and complete DPC-coordinated care.

The DPC practice maintains a direct relationship with employers. Doctor Delivery handles all administration, billing, and coordination once a member seeks care outside of the primary care setting.

You send us a referral, we schedule it and follow up with the member.

Let us help sell your services to local employers!

Let Doctor Delivery bundle memberships
for local employers.

Ready To Make the Switch To Doctor Delivery?

It’s simple. Just let us know you’re ready for a partnership. If a few of your prospects don’t like the idea of paying membership fees on top of existing plan expenses, our team can help you bridge that gap with ease.

Need help generating fresh ideas or nurturing new relationships? We can take care of that task, too. At Doctor Delivery, our sole mission is to make DPC the national de facto standard in the healthcare industry for employers. That means anything that bolsters your success helps us reach our goal. It’s truly a win-win situation.

We’ll show you how to seamlessly sell your services to local employers.

Let Doctor Delivery bundle memberships for local employers.